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VEKA Perfectline 70 AD

Perfectline 70 profiles manufactured by Veka make an excellent option for customers who appreciate quality and functionality. Thermal insulation parameters Uf - 1.1 W m2/K allow to manufacture windows which are perfect both for multi-family and institutional buildings.

veka 70
1.1 W/m²K for sealed glass unit Ug=1.0 W/m²K
70 casing depth (mm)
5/5 chambers (frame/sash)
A -class profile
2 gaskets

Why is it worth choosing PVC windows as part of VEKA Perfectline 70 AD system?

Saving on heating costs

Quality assurance at an affordable price

VEKA 70 AD profile is a perfect compromise between good technical parameters of the window and its final price. It is an excellent choice for multi-family and institutional buildings.

Safety considerations

Security of residents

VEKA 70 AD profiles equipped with adequate fittings, glazing and handles are highly resistant to burglary.

Variety of colours and finishes

Variety of colours and finishes

A wide range of colours, combined with a wide range of finishes, allows for creating windows perfectly adapted to every house or apartment. Wood or aluminium can be reproduced; it gives designers a lot of flexibility (so as the internal and external window finish do not have to be the same).

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VEKA Perfectline 70

VEKA Perfectline profiles make 5-chamber system (5 chambers in the frame profile and 5 chambers in the sash profile) with an installation depth (i.e. frame width) of 70 mm, which guarantees efficient heat protection. When using a glazing unit with a hot frame featuring Ug=1.0, heat transfer coefficient Uw=1.1 W/m2K for the entire window is obtained.

With these profiles it is possible to use 6 to 49 mm thick glazing.

External wall thickness of the profile is 3 mm (with a tolerance of 0.2 mm), which is a parameter meeting the highest RAL standards - "Class A" (PN-EN 12608).

The system of two external gaskets ensures excellent tightness as well as acoustic and thermal insulation. Use of gaskets with a directional surface including a 15-degree slope enables excellent drainage of water and dirt..

veka 70
veka 70

Use of reliable steel reinforcements allows to maintain functionality and protects against burglary for years.

As part of the frame, there is a chamber for closed steel reinforcement, while as part of the sash - there is a chamber for open double-folded reinforcement (a unique solution in window technology). We get an opportunity to provide up to 1500 mm wide sashes without additional protection.

VEKA Perfectline profiles are classic. Straight contours will perfectly combine with almost every façade. Bending of profiles allows to create various shapes and arches. In addition, three types of muntin bars are available: internal, external, glued or those that divide the window structure.

Three colours of gaskets: black, grey and caramel bring a good combination with colours of profiles and improve aesthetics of windows.

Low side-height of the sash and frame profiles (118 mm) provides a larger area for glass and excellent interior lighting.

The profiles are made of high-quality PVC, due to which the windows are easy to care for and require no maintenance for many years.

With use of appropriate glazing, the system allows to meet conditions for Class 6 sound insulation, i.e. noise attenuation up to 50 dB (e.g. express-way with traffic intensity up to 5000 vehicles/hour).

veka 70
veka 70

Casing depth:

70 mm

Maximum thickness of sealed glass unit:

49 mm 

Quantity of chambers:

Sealing system: 

2 gaskets

Reinforcement system: 


Heat transfer coefficient:

Uf= 1.7 W/m2

Wind resistance:




Air permeability:

4th class (the highest)*

Sound insulation with a 4/16/4 glass package


Maximum soundproofing:


Bonding-inside system:


Replaceable gaskets:


* specified performance levels are the maximum values obtained in tests for 150x150 reference window

  • agate and grey

  • brushed aluminium

  • silver brushed aluminium

  • anthracite and ultramarine

  • basaltic grey

  • smooth basaltic grey

  • white

  • ultramarine white

  • claret-coloured

  • brown

  • diamond blue

  • dark grey

  • dark grey silk

  • dark green

  • dark green ultramatt

  • black and brown

  • red and brown

  • marsh oak

  • rustic oak

  • light sheffield oak

  • Douglas fir

  • shaded Douglas fir

  • navy blue

  • graphite and black ultramarine

  • navy ultramarine

  • light grey

  • light oak

  • carmine red

  • cobalt blue

  • ivory

  • cream white

  • quartz grey

  • slate grey

  • smooth slate grey

  • mahogany

  • macore

  • milk-white ultramatt

  • monumental blue

  • blue and green

  • oregon

  • walnut

  • rosewood

  • papyrus white

  • platinum crown

  • platinum earl

  • platinum quartz

  • platinum grey ultramat

  • ruby red

  • hogun-ac

  • shogun-ad

  • shogun-af

  • sienna

  • sienna-pn

  • mountain pine

  • silver grey

  • smooth silver grey

  • emerald green

  • ultramarine blue

  • umbra-ultramarine

  • winchester

  • green

  • green monumental ultramat

  • monumental green

  • golden oak

  • yellow