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Garage doors

The latest generation of garage doors are distinguished by their unique design and modern technological solutions; they ensure failure-free long-term operation. You can choose a comfortable solution for your garage.

Advantages of garage doors


The Interflex sectional garage doors are manufactured as per individual orders. All you need to do is to provide us with the opening size and the door type and then we will take care of the rest issues. Maximum door width is 5500 mm and its maximum height is 3000 mm.

garage doors
garage doors

Energy efficiency

Garage doors consist of 40 mm thick tongue-and-groove panels. The panels are made of galvanized steel with filling insulation of HCFC-free polyurethane foam. Due to application of segmented gaskets and a flexible and low-temperature resistant bottom seal they ensure exceptional resistance to external weather conditions as well as appropriate thermal insulation.


Depending on selected option, the rails that transmit opening force from the drive head to the garage door can be equipped with a plastic belt or metal chain. For additional reinforcement of the door panel, it is recommended to use a simple fitting that strengthens and stabilizes the entire top panel to which the drive is connected.

garage doors
garage doors
garage doors


All available garage doors are equipped with:

  • protection against spring failure
  • finger trap protection in the door section
  • protection in the form of suitably shaped vertical guide rails to prevent lateral insertion of fingers
  • 40 mm thick strong and stable door panel
  • manually operated doors equipped with a strong patent garage door lock
  • automatically operated doors equipped with a door locking drive to prevent it against opening
  • automatically operated doors can be optionally equipped with a photocell system

There are various embossing options available, based on the door configuration and the type of panels applied in the garage door:

garage doors
garage doors


It is available in silver - similar to RAL 9006 - and anthracite - similar to RAL 7016.

garage doors

Deep Mat

It is available in anthracite, similar to RAL 7016

garage doors


It is available in white - similar to RAL 9010 - and as part of veneers, i.e. golden oak, walnut, mahogany and Kingschester.

garage doors


It is available in white - similar to RAL 9010, brown - similar to RAL 8014, and as part of golden oak veneer with broad profiling.

Standard colours and standard wood veneers are available.

All our door panels have a durable, scratch- and UV-resistant surface. It ensures that the colours retain their original shade for a long time.

garage doors garage doors