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Window measurement and installation

Professional window measurement makes one of the most important activities that we have to take care of when ordering windows. On its basis, the costs of the structure are calculated and the way of embedding the windows within the structure is planned. On-site measurement, carried out while a building is still under construction, gives the opportunity to determine all differences related to level of lintels or level of terrace doors.

For example, terrace doors are installed at the ground level, i.e. at the final floor, which means that it is necessary to plan the joinery in such a way that no unnecessary threshold is formed. During window measurement in new houses there are usually no floors, plaster or groutings yet, but it is important to plan these layers and be able to anticipate how the interior will change when finishing works are done.

Our technical and commercial advisors are high-class specialists who will advise you on the best solutions tailored to your needs during a meeting on the construction site.


Proper installation of windows makes a basis for windows to be fully functional and maintain all parameters. Nowadays, a layered installation, so called "warm installation" is a standard as it ensures proper insulation parameters in the contact point between a window and a wall through additional protection of the thermal insulation layer. In practice, this involves adding two insulation layers: external and internal. From the inside, it has to be a vapour-tight layer, while from the outside, it has to be vapour-permeable and protecting against water penetration even during heavy rainfall at the same time. This is very important as only a dry insulation layer guarantees long-term protection against frost and mould.

The place where the window meets the external wall is extremely exposed to loss of heat and moisture; that is why it is so important to seal the connection of a window joinery with a wall. Here are the individual elements of insulation:

  • internal sealing (vapour-proof band) - it is a protective shield for a thermal insulation layer, which prevents penetration of water vapour and moisture from inside a building;
  • middle layer ( fitting foam) - acts as a thermal and acoustic insulator;
  • external sealing (vapour-permeable band) - protects against penetration of moisture to the inside of a building, at the same time making it possible to lead it from inside a building to its outside.

It is also recommended to use so-called "warm windowsills". They provide additional protection against long-term external weather conditions (water/wind), eliminating the phenomenon of blows or thermal bridges between windows and windowsills.

We provide a well-equipped and trained team of professionals and full service installation services related wood joinery. We provide WARRANTY on both our products and services!

AM Windows offers professional measurements and installation services for:

  • PVC and aluminium windows
  • window sills
  • external doors,
  • roller shutters / façade blinds
  • garage doors.
Window measurement and installation
window measurement and installation

Installation standards:

  • as part of insulation layer
  • so called warm installation (vapour tight band / foam / vapour-permeable band)
  • caulking foaming

In addition, we provide:

  • our own transport
  • large-size transport including a forklift
  • crane for installation of large windows.
window measurement and installation