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Modern aluminium façade systems have been well established as part of the landscape of large cities. We see them in glass façades of public buildings, banks, hotels, office buildings or shopping malls. They offer huge possibilities of shaping the space and provide adequate lighting to interiors. They are an excellent tool for shaping contemporary structures and providing bold visions of designers.

AM Windows helps to implement even the most sophisticated designs
AMOKNA façades

Comprehensive support to a design is provided

Consultations with architects and investors

We meet customers and architects to discuss all the assumptions of a design, to advise on the most appropriate solutions, and check and evaluate ambitious designs.

AMOKNA façades
AMOKNA façades

Expert measurement and technological calculations

We carry out comprehensive measurements, design solutions, calculate parameters of structures, and plan locations of fixing points.

Production according to project schedule

We work on a schedule agreed with the client to provide right elements at the right time.

AMOKNA façades
AMOKNA façades

Large-scale transport

We have our own large-cargo transport fleet, also with a forklift truck.


Experienced teams of fitters and the right installation equipment is at our disposal.

AMOKNA façades
AMOKNA façades

After-sales service and maintenance

We hire our own service team providing assistance throughout the EU.

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