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Warranty information

All our products are under warranty.

Terms and conditions


1. AM Okna sp. z o. o. sp. k. as a guarantor guarantees functional properties of window and door joinery

2. The warranty period commencing on the date of sale of the product to the Customer shall be

a. In case of installation by the assembly team representing AM OKNA

5 years for PVC and Aluminium windows and doors

b. If the windows are installed by an unauthorized installation team or by the purchaser himself/herself, but in accordance with the installation instructions which are part of this Warranty Card:

2 years for PVC and Aluminium windows and doors

c. 2 years for PVC and Aluminium external and internal doors

d. 1 year for additional equipment such as pullbars, door closers, transom openers and accessories

e. 3 years (from the date of production) for sealing of double-glazed units

f. 1 year to find dirt, scratches and defects inside the glazing pack exceeding 3mm; three photos are required to consider the complaint (defect, label, entire structure)


1. The basis for warranty claims is submission of the Complaint Form.

2. AM OKNA reserves the right of ownership to all delivered products until full payment is made and such goods are not subject to complaint until then. Failure to pay in full does not suspend or interrupt the warranty period.

3. In case of an unjustified complaint, the Customer is obliged to cover all costs of service, working hours and hotel accommodation. In the event of a justified complaint, the cost of travel, working hours and hotel accommodation of AM Okna employees to a location of the warranty item shall be covered by AM Okna.


During the warranty period, AM OKNA
removes - free of charge - all defects caused by the sold item, which are deficiencies arising during manufacture and undertakes, at its own discretion, to repair the faulty goods or replace them with defect-free replacements. The manufacturer does not bear other costs caused by defective product other than those mentioned above.
Selection of a method to satisfy the claims remains at the discretion of AM Okna.

1. The warranty does not cover, in particular, damages resulting from: installation inconsistent with the manual instructions or with best construction practices, structural changes made by the customer without prior approval from the manufacturer, misuse of the product, failure to carry out maintenance or unprofessional operation, external factors such as fire, salts, lye, acids and other chemical substances or caused by natural disasters, repairs carried out by unauthorized persons, use of parts from other manufacturers without AM Okna approval, improper operation, cleaning with improper agents, improper maintenance.

2. The Customer shall be obliged to accept the products in terms of quantity (immediately after collection) and quality (up to 24 hours after collection) in the extent of apparent defects, which cannot make the basis for a complaint after receipt of windows. Apparent defects are considered to be non-conformances in terms of dimensions, divisions, colours and mechanical damage to glass or profiles such as cracks, scratches, etc.

3. No warranty is provided to:

a. Contamination of profiles and windows with mortar, debris, lime, gypsum, paint, etc.

b. Naturally wearable elements.

c. Mechanical damage caused during transport and installation carried out by the customer on his/her own or as a result of instability of structures in which the products are installed.

d. Mechanical damage to the glass, i.e. cracks caused during operation, thermal cracks.

e. Defects to glass panes allowed by standards and regulations specified in the enclosed manual.

f. Non-relevant product defects not visible upon installation.

4. AM OKNA reserves the right to decide on the scope of liability for damage (destruction) of windows, with simultaneous consent to refer the matter to an independent expert or an expert agreed between the parties and to respect the results of the expert opinion issued on this matter.

Cost of expert's report shall be borne by the party against whom the judgement has been given.


Operation and maintenance

1. Protective films made of PVC and Aluminium profiles shall be removed immediately upon window installation. Sharp tools for film removal shall not be used as these can scratch the profiles and glass.

2. Cleaning of window frames and sashes - PVC and Aluminium windows

PVC and Aluminium surfaces shall be washed with a soft cloth or sponge soaked in mild liquid cleaning agents that do not contain abrasive powder. Use of aggressive chemicals shall not be permitted except for extraction petroleum. Frames and sashes shall not be cleaned with sharp tools, as these can cause permanent and irremovable scratches.

3. Gasket maintenance.

Gaskets shall be wiped with silicone grease or mineral fat at least once a year.

4. Cleaning and replacing glass.

Panes shall be cleaned with commonly used cleaning agents that do not contain ammonia or other aggressive substances.
In case of PVC and Aluminium joinery, it is recommended that glazing is carried out by professional personnel; however, if it is carried out independently, due care shall be taken.

5. Maintenance and adjustment of fittings.

Fitting components shall be checked regularly for cleanliness and wear. At least once a year, all moving parts and workpiece locations shall be lubricated with maintenance oil for fittings. Care and cleaning agents must not affect the corrosion protection of the fittings. Installation and repair works shall be carried out by qualified personnel.



Description of permissible defects in double-glazed units is based on PN-B-13079:1997 standard: Double-glazed windows.


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