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Incorporated roller shutters

Incorporated external roller shutters are primarily dedicated to newly built facilities. It is extremely important to plan this solution during design stage. Incorporated roller shutters provide excellent thermal insulation as they do not interfere with window structures and thus do not affect energy balance of a building. Incorporated roller shutters are suitable for modern constructions, and make an integral part of façade.

Installation of roller shutters in the concealed system should be planned during design.

Why should you choose incorporated roller shutters?

Our offer includes incorporated roller shutter systems by Aluprof, which will not only protect against heat and shield against prying eyes from outside, but also provide the highest protection against heat loss. An undeniable advantage of incorporated roller blinds is possibility to apply an independent mosquito net, which will effectively protect from unwanted insects. Similarly, as in case of adaptive systems, incorporated roller shutters can be made of foam-filled, plastic and extruded profiles. Incorporated external roller shutters provide a very appealing solution - the boxes are hidden and the roller shutter looks impressive.

The roller shutter box is mounted under the elevation surface in external part of the lintel, i.e. within the thermal insulation layer, and can be covered with any finishing material (e.g. plaster or clinker). This way of installation makes the incorporated roller shutters very discreet and does not disturb aesthetics of a building.

The roller shutter inspection flap is located on the façade side to allow easy access to the roller shutter mechanism and motor in case of failure, service or maintenance. It is an extremely comfortable solution for residents, as many service works can be carried out without disturbing privacy or during absence of residents.

Roller shutters

Richness and diversity of Aluprof profiles that we have in our offer makes us able to meet expectations of the most demanding users.

The curtain of the roller shutter is most often made of aluminium profiles filled with foam, made of high-quality sheet metal and covered with a two-layer varnish coating. This makes them very resistant to abrasion and weather conditions.

There is also a possibility to apply profiles made of extruded aluminium, which are more rigid and stable.

Roller shutters
Roller shutters