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We offer a wide range of door and window handles delivered by well-known brands such as Hoppe and Medos. All available models differ not only in colour, but also in mechanism or material, so everyone will find a solution tailored to individual needs.

The handle provides several functions: it protects the window against unauthorized opening by a child, blocks the fittings (anti-burglary function), allows for tilting the window or ventilating the room in case of fittings with parallel-action sash. We also offer handles covered with a special bactericidal layer.

Push-button window handles

This solution makes it possible to turn the handle only when a special-purpose button is pressed. In practice, this means that in order to open, tilt or close the window, the button must be pressed and kept it in this position at all times to turn the handle.

This is an excellent protection that makes opening the window by small children and unauthorized persons much more difficult. Handles of this type block attempts to manipulate the fitting from the outside in order to place the handle in the open window position.

Key-operated window handles

It is a perfect choice for the room of an older child. We can only open the window after turning the key, otherwise it could be only tilted.

This is extremely important when a child has direct access to the window and it is necessary to guarantee safe play when adults are out of the room. All we need to do is to always keep the key.