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Warranty and post-warranty service

Are you struggling with the problem of a tough-operable window handle? Does your window rub against the frame? Does your terrace door slide harder? Is roller shutter lowered, but it does not reach the end or it hardly lifts up? This can mean it is necessary to adjust or repair it.

As part of our post-warranty service, we offer professional services such as:

1. Window services

  • adjustment, repair and maintenance of PVC and Aluminium windows
  • window sealing (replacement, maintenance of gaskets)
  • repairs of PSK and HST terrace systems
  • glass replacements
  • handle replacements
  • fittings replacement and lubrication
  • installation of mosquito nets

2. PVC and Aluminium door service

  • fittings repairs or replacements
  • door adjustments
  • installation and adjustment of door closers
  • installation of electronic access modules e.g. fingerprint reader or card access reader

3. External roller shutter service

  • installation of external roller shutters
  • shell replacement (lamellas)
  • settings of the limits
  • installation, replacement of engines
  • replacement of roller shutter reels

4. Service of fire-fighting joinery (our company is authorised) such as

  • inspection, repair and recovery (smoke and fire protection systems, fire closing systems, smoke dampers, fire doors, fire curtains and fire shutters)