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VEKA Softline 82 MD

VEKA Softline 82 MD profiles are among the most modern 82 mm deep 7-chamber profiles that feature excellent technical parameters. Application of three gaskets makes them suitable for energy-saving and passive houses.

veka 82
0.7 W/m²K for sealed glass unit Ug=0.4 W/m²K (hot frame)
0.91 W/m²K for sealed glass unit Ug=0.7 W/m²K
7/6 chambers (frame/sash)
A energy class
3 gaskets
82 casing depth (mm)

Why is it worth to choose PVC windows on VEKA Softline 82 MD profiles?

Saving on heating costs

Saving on heating costs

Carefully planned, multi-chamber design of VEKA Softline 82 profiles allows for an extremely low heat transfer coefficient. The benefits include reduced energy consumption and savings on heating costs.

Perfect home climate guaranteed

Perfect home climate

Excellent insulating properties of Softline profiles eliminate temperature differences in rooms, providing comfort to residents. Triple gasket system effectively protects rooms against draughts and cooling.

Appreciate the silence

Silence guaranteed

Noise not only affects the comfort of the apartment, but it can also be harmful to our health. Softline 82 windows from Veka - even its basic option - effectively protect against noise. Depending on a selected configuration, these can achieve a high class of sound insulation.

Investing in the future

Investing in the future

Modern windows make an investment for years. They can increase the value of a property and, above all, reduce the expenditure on heating. Smooth surfaces of Softline 82 profiles are dirt-resistant, easy to care for, and guarantee long-lasting colour for years.

Safety considerations

Security of residents

Frames and sashes installed in the Softline 82 from Veka window system have been constructed in such a way as to make it difficult for potential burglars to undermine fittings or push out glasses.

Variety of colours and finishes

Variety of colours and finishes

Windows and doors make an important element of home space. Size, shape and colour of the window frames are significant. Dozens of colour schemes and ability to reproduce wood and aluminium give great opportunities to designers.

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VEKA Softline 82 MD window profile system with its multi-chamber geometry (7 chambers in the frame profile and 6 chambers in the sash profile) and 82 mm installation depth ensures energy efficiency at the highest level. By choosing a pane with a heat transfer coefficient Ug=0.7 W/m2K, we will obtain Uw=0.91 W/m2K for the entire window. With Ug=0.4 W/m2K, we will obtain Uw=0.7 W/m2K. The profile system itself is characterized by Uf=1.0 W/m2K coefficient.

Thickness of the three- or two-pane glazing with a thickness of 24 to 52 mm makes it possible to glaze frames and sashes according to individual needs.

Thickness of external profile walls is 3 mm (with a tolerance of 0.2 mm), i.e. we obtain a parameter meeting the highest RAL standards - "Class A*" (PN-EN 12608).

By choosing VEKA Softline 82 profile with additional middle gasket we obtain a solution that perfectly protects against noise, cold, moisture and draughts.

veka 82
veka 82

A profile with additional middle gasket is a system of three gaskets (external, middle and internal) that perfectly protects against noise, cold, moisture and draughts. The middle gasket is securely attached to the frame.

Proven throughout decades, recommended VEKA steel reinforcements provide excellent statics, long-term preservation of window's functions and burglary safety. In a frame, these are ensured by a chamber with a closed steel reinforcement, while in a sash - with a double-folded open reinforcement.

In the frame, there is a chamber with closed steel reinforcement, while in the sash - there is a chamber with double-fold open reinforcement. This proven solution from VEKA ensures long-term preservation of the window's functions and burglary safety.

The classic design, subtle appearance and external contours of Softline 82 fit perfectly to almost every façade. Flexibility of profiles allows you to design customized shapes and curves.

Softline profiles also offer a wide range of colours, from classic and durable white through single-coloured veneers to films imitating wood or metal - single or double-sided, smooth and porous.

Opportunity to match colour of the gasket to the finish enhances aesthetics of windows.

Smooth and easy to care surfaces of Softline profiles are made of high quality PVC, which is subject to almost 100% recycling.

Reliable fixing of a pane within the profile to a depth of 25 mm reduces condensation of water vapours on the pane and increases - at the same time - resistance to burglary.

Softline 82 profiles from Veka are suitable for window structures, window doors, sliding doors and front doors.

VEKA Softline 82 MD Gorzów Wielkopolski

Our high-quality windows on Veka Softline 82 profiles are created by a staff of professionals in a modern production centre in Skwierzyna. These are transported from the factory to customers both in Poland and European countries.

veka 82
veka 82

Casing depth:

82 mm

Maximum thickness of sealed glass unit:

52 mm 

Quantity of chambers:


Sealing system: 

3 gaskets

Reinforcement system: 


Heat transfer coefficient:

Uf= 1.0 W/m2

Wind resistance:

C5 *



Air permeability:

4th class (the highest)*

Sound insulation with a 4/16/4 glass package


Maximum soundproofing:


Bonding-inside system:


Replaceable gaskets:


* specified performance levels are the maximum values obtained in tests for 150x150 reference window

  • agate and grey

  • brushed aluminium

  • silver brushed aluminium

  • anthracite and ultramarine

  • basaltic grey

  • smooth basaltic grey

  • white

  • ultramarine white

  • claret-coloured

  • brown

  • diamond blue

  • dark grey

  • dark grey silk

  • dark green

  • dark green ultramatt

  • black and brown

  • red and brown

  • marsh oak

  • rustic oak

  • light sheffield oak

  • Douglas fir

  • shaded Douglas fir

  • navy blue

  • graphite and black ultramarine

  • navy ultramarine

  • light grey

  • light oak

  • carmine red

  • cobalt blue

  • ivory

  • cream white

  • quartz grey

  • slate grey

  • smooth slate grey

  • mahogany

  • macore

  • milk-white ultramatt

  • monumental blue

  • blue and green

  • oregon

  • walnut

  • rosewood

  • papyrus white

  • platinum crown

  • platinum earl

  • platinum quartz

  • platinum grey ultramat

  • ruby red

  • hogun-ac

  • shogun-ad

  • shogun-af

  • sienna

  • sienna-pn

  • mountain pine

  • silver grey

  • smooth silver grey

  • emerald green

  • ultramarine blue

  • umbra-ultramarine

  • winchester

  • green

  • green monumental ultramat

  • monumental green

  • golden oak

  • yellow