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Top-mounted roller shutters

System of top-mounted roller shutters is dedicated to newly erected buildings as well as those retrofitted ones. It is characterised by direct installation of the roller shutter box on the window frame by means of a dedicated adaptive profile. Its indisputable advantage is aesthetics of the structure, as the roller shutter box can be flush with window or hidden under plaster.

Why should you choose top-mounted roller shutters?

World-class Vegas Revo top-mounted roller shutters are offered by our company. It is a modern system of roller shutters manufactured from high-quality PVC, i.e. material featuring thermal insulation properties. Overhead roller shutters make a solution dedicated to everyone who appreciates modern and functional applications.

Once the installation is complete, top-mounted roller shutter remains virtually invisible.

This system has been designed on the basis of multi-year experience and guidance of professionals and practitioners in the shielding industry, taking into account the needs and requirements of today's market.


Installation of top-mounted roller shutters must be planned in advance, as they are installed on the window frame, thus it is necessary to plan the right place in the window opening

Advantages of top-mounted roller shutter

Roller shutters
Roller shutters
opened roller shutter
Roller shutters
external closed roller shutter
Roller shutters
internal closed roller shutter
Roller shutters
double-closed roller shutter
Roller shutters
Roller shutters Roller shutters