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You may experience advantages of a smart home system wherever you are. Centralizing all your home appliances gives you ability to control them with your tablet, smartphone or even voice assistant from any location.

Be SMART and choose TaHoma compatible solutions and IO drives

You do not have to implement complex SMART DOM solutions right away. It is important that you choose solutions with IO SOMFY engines when purchasing. You can buy and configure TaHoma switchboard at any moment. It is TaHoma that communicates with the actuators (drives) by radio. The drives in the IO version enable bidirectional communication through feedback, related to current position, provided to the system. Due to this function, we can partially tilt a roller shutter or a gate and the application will indicate its exact position.

A single platform, multiple options

TaHoma is one of the most comprehensive SMART HOME switchboards on the market. It is compatible with more than 250 product lines (doors, windows, shutters, blinds, gates, heating, lighting, monitoring cameras and alarm systems) and Somfy appliances as well as 20 other well-known brands of the household sector.


Scalable solution tailored to your needs

You can start by controlling the alarm or shutters and then add more and more new devices (lighting, heating, curtains, etc.). It is easy and convenient. Step by step, improve comfort and safety and optimise energy consumption.

Safety of your personal data

TaHoma has been certified by Syss, an independent organisation, to ensure that Somfy's data hosting and storage servers provide the highest security standards in this area, as well as security of web interface and iOS and Android applications that control the entire system.


3 key functions


You create your own scenarios to suit your lifestyle.

You can set your own scenarios and easily activate them with a single touch. For example, the "EXIT" scenario will ensure that the roof windows are closed, the blinds are lowered, the heating is off and the lights are off.



You adjust your scenarios to particular days of a week and time of a day.

Option to set dedicated sequences to different times of a day, e.g. "WORKING DAY" containing several scenarios that can be activated or cancelled at any time. Option to program separate days of a week, e.g. "WORK" from Monday to Friday and "WEEKEND" to sleep a little longer on Saturday and Sunday.



You do advanced scenarios.

Option to set up conditional scenarios. For example, if weather sensors exceed preset house temperature, the blinds will automatically lower to prevent overheating. You can combine scenarios with sensors, for example, a temperature sensor, sun sensor or motion sensor.


Comfort, safety and savings Choose TaHoma® Premium and peace of mind


Pleasant warmth on Sundays, subdued lighting at night, automatically closing gate when you leave for work. TaHoma® Premium ensures your comfort and well-being.


A smart home is also equipped with security cameras and sensors that will alert you to any unusual activity in and around your home. You can program dedicated scenarios, such as triggering an alarm should you detect movement in the bedroom during the day when no one is home.


Integrate heating with roller shutter control to maximise energy efficiency of your smart home. With sensors, your home will make maximum use of the sunlight to warm up the interior and retain heat at night, automatically covering the blinds and lowering the roller shutters.