Windows with ECLAZ glazing - warm edge for free

Windows with ECLAZ glazing - warm edge for free

An exceptional combination

ECLAZ insulating glass units have exceptional properties, combining the best energy efficiency with unparalleled access to natural daylight. ECLAZ provides a 20% better energy balance and an impression of the amount of light that is similar to windows that are 8% larger when compared to traditional glazing. Possibility to benefit from the thermal insulation of two-chamber units (excellent thermal insulation, high energy gains), while ensuring the amount of natural light as in one-chamber units.


Due to the better insulation properties of SWISSPACER ADVANCE frames, we achieve higher temperatures at the edge of the glass. This effect reduces the risk of condensation at the edge of the glass and the risk of harmful mould forming at the window. Higher temperatures at the edge of the window also mean lower cold radiation and provide a cosy atmosphere in the room and a healthy climate.

Energy efficiency

A warm distance frame must have the highest thermal performance, but also be able to maintain this performance for years by eliminating the escape of insulating gases outside and the permeation of water vapour inside the double glazing unit. SWISSPACER ADVANCE warm frames significantly improve the thermal insulation parameters of windows.


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