Fire resistant FR90

Fire resistant FR90

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new product to our offer, i.e. FR90 fire and smoke resistant doors and facades based on Aliplast aluminium profiles. As a manufacturer, we have successfully passed the certification process for external doors, internal facades and walls. The firefighting aluminium profies manufactured by us is characterized by compliance with the coefficients:

E (Class E) - Fire tightness

This factor speaks of the ability to contain fire pressure and hot gases for a classification time expressed in minutes. On the heated side, the flames must not appear for more than 10 seconds.

I (Class I) - Fire insulation (Class I)

Means that the temperature increase on the unheated surface of the structure may not exceed 140 degrees Celsius and 180 degrees Celsius at one point on average.

S - Smoke resistance (Class S)

It is the woodwork's ability to protect against the ingress of fumes and hot fire gases through the cracks on the surface of the partition. Classes Sa and S200 mean:

  • Sa – is when the maximum flow velocity measured at ambient temperature (20°C), at a pressure up to 25 Pa, does not exceed 3 m3/h of the gap between the movable and fixed door components, excluding the threshold gap;
  • S200 – where the maximum flow velocity, measured at both the ambient temperature (20°C) and elevated temperature (200°C), at pressures up to 50 Pa, does not exceed 20 m3/h in the case of single leaf doors, or 30 m3/h in the case of double leaf doors.

The windows manufactured by us have a resistance certificate FR90, which means that they meet the strict criteria in resistance classes E15, E30, E45, E60, which means that they can withstand fire pressure up to 15, 30, 45 and even 60 minutes and smoke resistance in classes Sa and S200.

Fire protection profiles are Aliplast constructions with excellent thermal insulation parameters and Uf factors. Additionally, they are filled with dedicated insulation inserts, as well as special adhesives and fireproof glazing depending on the fire resistance class.


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