Ideal 7000 „Powerdur inside” is an innovative technology of PVC profiles with special thermoplastic inserts with glass fiber reinforced Ultradur® High Speed in the frame.

These inserts successfully replace steel used in conventional PVC window frames, to provide an even better thermal insulation properties at the same mechanical properties of the window. Thanks to the elimination of steel reinforcements in the framework we present a new profile  Ideal 7000 "powerdur inside" thermal bridges are reduced, and the heat transfer coefficient framework for this series is Uf = 1.0 W / m2K, which is a very good result for a system with an external sealing. The profile design also gives the opportunity for further improvement of the heat transfer sections through the optional insulating material filling the space of some internal chambers.

ID 7000 Powerdur
ID 7000 Powerdur

  • frame depth: 85 mm
  • total height of frame + sash: 119 mm
  • Uf: 1.0 W/m²K
  • glazing thickness up to 51 mm
  • six chamber profile system
  • frame with thermoplastic inserts with glass fiber reinforced Ultradur® High Speed
  • sash – open U steel
  • color of seals: white profile – grey, colored profile – black
  • window handle „Hoppe Secustik Atlanta”
  • window fitting with five-step tilt mechanism MSL OS

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