Lift and slide door (HST) give the possibility to let the sunshine in to your home! With a smooth-running lifting mechanism even huge sliding elements can be moved very easily even with maximum size of construction 6.0 m x 2.80 m. Another advantage is the space saving design.

HST is available in three different versions:

  • the basic version that meets all the requirements of the latest German Energy Savings Regulation
  • the standard version with extra thermal insulation
  • the premium version with excellent, passive-house suitable thermal insulation values.

aluplast_drzwi_przesuwne_HST_85_mm_basic2                      aluplast_drzwi_przesuwne_HST_85_mm_basic1

HST 85mm Standard 

aluplast_drzwi_przesuwne_HST_85_mm_standard2                aluplast_drzwi_przesuwne_HST_85_mm_standard1

HST 85mm Premium

aluplast_drzwi_przesuwne_HST_85_mm_premium2                  aluplast_drzwi_przesuwne_HST_85_mm_premium1



Basic Standard Premium
Uf following norm EN 14351-1+A1 1,5 W (m2 * K) 1,3 W (m2 * K) 1,1 W (m2 * K)
Uw (4000x2300 mm) with glass Ug=0,5 W (m² *K) 0,82 W (m2 * K) 0,78 W (m2 * K) 0,71 W (m2 * K)
Uw (4000x2300 mm) with glass Ug=0,7 W (m² *K) 0,98 W (m2 * K) 0,93 W (m2 * K) 0,87 W (m2 * K)

The picture presentation below shows us the three different versions of HST and how it is built up inside the profile, as well as the threshold.


  • frame depth: 197 mm
  • total height of frame + sash: 178 mm
  • Uf: 1.1 – 1,5 W/m²K (depends from version)
  • glazing thickness up to 51 mm
  • the integrated sealing increases the quality of the door


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