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External façade blinds

External blinds (also known as façade blinds) are modern and willingly chosen window screens installed outside. Their simplicity, very high functionality and aesthetic values are used in large architectural designs and modern houses with large glazing.

Their unquestionable advantage is ensured with movable louvres, due to which it is possible to adjust amount of light and solar energy very precisely and - at the same time - maintain privacy.

Basic element of façade blinds is a louvre made of aluminium; louvres are available in three primary options (letter-shaped cross-section): S, Z, and C and in several widths. These offer high resistance to weather conditions (including winds up to 120km/h).

External blinds S-90

S-90 façade blind slats are perfectly matched; due to it the entire room will be perfectly darkened.

They are equipped with the strongest available slats, which is why they are very durable.

S-90 external blinds combine elegance with functionality.

S-90 external blinds can be controlled by crank or motor. They can also be connected to a modern Smart Home control system, which allows you to control the blinds automatically from any place by means of a phone or tablet.


S-90 slats are perfectly fit; once closed, they form an elegant shell that will perfectly protect your privacy.

Silent operation

S-90 is a solution for those who value comfort and peace of mind at home. Rolled-up gaskets in the slats guarantee perfectly quiet operation.

Resembling roller shutters

The slats look almost the same as the external blinds upon lowering, which makes them elegantly combined.

External blinds Z-90 and Z-70

These are pleasantly quiet blinds, which are well suited for smaller rooms with small windows. As for the differences between Z-90 and Z-70, the latter will have more narrow and elegant slats. Due to their smaller width, the slats are suitable for narrow façade spaces.


Z-90 slats are perfectly fitted, and make a smooth and solid shell. They will perfectly protect you from the sun and ensure your privacy.

Hit sales

External blinds Z-90 make definitely the bestseller in our offer. Their quality is confirmed by satisfied customers all over the world.

Strong slats

Z-90 slats are exceptionally strong and durable; it makes them much more resistant to damage and operable even in strong winds.  

External blinds C-80 and C-65

C-shaped shutter allows tilting in both directions to precisely control shades and let only as much sunlight into the house as necessary. In comparison to C-65, C-80 is equipped with more robust slats to cover a bit larger area.

180° rotation

If you are looking for universal blinds, C-shaped blinds will be the best choice. It can be tilted on both sides to provide a wide range of shading options, allowing you to let an amount of light you need into the room.

Universal solution

C-80 and C-65 roller blinds are popular outdoor solution dedicated not only to homes, but also to office buildings.

Remarkable construction

C-80 and C-65 roller shutters do not have a guide profile; instead, they have a cable guide. This makes them an excellent choice for all structures.


Due to its elegant appearance, it is a popular type of external blinds for houses and office buildings. 

180° rotation

If you are looking for universal blinds, F-80 blinds will be the best choice. Double-sided folding provides a wide range of shading.

Space saving

Flat slat bars have certain advantages. When pulled out, it forms a very low unit, so it does not reduce clear window height and is therefore suitable for modernisation.

Various solutions

F-80 roller shutters make a popular outdoor screen not only for homes, but also for office buildings and offices.

External blinds E-50

Compared to other slats, E-50 blinds are flatter, so when pulled out they form a low unit that saves space and does not reduce clear window height. They are also suitable for indoor use.

Various control options

You can operate E-50 blinds in three ways - with a crank, motor or classic cord. When connected to the Smart Home control system, they can be operated independently. In addition, you can place these blinds in a room.

Space saving

Flat slat bars have certain advantages. When pulled out, it creates a very low unit, so you can acquire a more elegant top profile. This makes E-50 ideal for buildings with smaller windows.

180° rotation

If you are looking for universal blinds, E-50 blinds will be the best choice. Folding on both sides provides a wide range of shading to achieve perfect amount of light.

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