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This solution meets growing need for intelligent and energy-efficient management of residential buildings. It is based on contactrons, installed on the window frame and sash, which purpose is to signal whether the window is open or closed.  

Do you know the feeling when you are out and wonder if you have left your window open?

You can forget about it now. Intelligent contractons are the solution to this problem. WINKHAUS window closing sensors ensure that windows and doors are properly closed.

Wireless Winkhaus technology allows windows to be incorporated into commercially available Smart Home systems, which are able to communicate with other devices, such as alarm systems, roller shutter control, lighting or heating.

This technology is compatible with a number of electronic devices delivered by various manufacturers. Thanks to this it is possible to control the heating in such a way that when the window is opened it is automatically switched off. The same happens in case of an attempt to break in through the window - an alarm and light in the building are activated on the signal sent by the relay.

Contactrons are available in 2 options: surface – contactrons installed on the window frame and concealed – contactrons installed within clearance between the sash and the window frame.  

FM.V radio-controlled contactron (concealed)

  • invisible when the window is closed, hidden in the recess
  • commercially available battery with a life of up to 5 years
  • wireless
  • EnOcean data transmission standard
  • easy installation and battery replacement (battery life up to 5 years available)
  • fitting-independent element, suitable for all common PVC profile systems
  • easy connection to the system by pressing a button

FM.A radio contactron (surface)

  • independent of energy sources due to the built-in solar battery
  • maintenance-free
  • multi-day use even in darkness
  • EnOcean data transmission standard
  • easy to install: suitable for all PVC profiles
  • easy connection to the system by pressing a button