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A window does not have to be dull - frame colours

A window does not have to be dull - frame colours

Windows make an extremely important part of our home space.  It is no wonder that we spend a lot of time choosing the most appropriate solution.  Well selected windows positively affect comfort of living, functionality and appearance.  Windows allow natural light to enter the interior which has a positive influence on the mood of residents, but also brightens and warms up the rooms.  

Recently, window joinery has been developing intensively. Newer and newer and more interesting solutions appear on the market, so that everyone can choose an individual solution.  More and more often, investors and private persons apply colourful window profiles as they build houses.  Windows have no longer been used for their technical purposes.  Today, they become an important element of all projects and to a large extent they determine the final visual effect.

Colour of the window frame vs. other elements

Before choosing a colour of the window frame, it is advisable to consider which elements should they match. It is worthwhile to decide on both external and internal side of a building as part of the decision making process. In order to obtain a good-looking visual effect on the outside, we select colours for the door joinery, garage door, façade colour, roof or accessories e.g. external roller shutters.

When deciding on the colours of internal frames, it is recommended that they harmonize with the floor, internal doors, colours of walls and skirting boards. Selection of such elements as window sills, curtains or internal blinds is also important.  Consistency of colour scheme of fixed elements is a very good basis to arrange the interior in an interesting manner.

Wide range of frame colours

Before we start to study the increasing colour range of window frames, we have to decide on a suitable material.  The most popular materials used for window frames are PVC and aluminium.  You can read more about the differences and solutions tailored to your preferences in the article "Window frames in modern construction - PVC vs Aluminium".

It is worth noting that colours of the inner and outer frame need not be the same. We can choose two-colour windows, e.g. including white central part and anthracite external part. Multiple powerful opportunities are available and everyone will find a perfect solution easily.  

In case of plastic windows (PVC), there are through-dyed windows available on the market; these are painted or foiled with veneer.  We are able to obtain various structures such as wood, grains or brushed aluminium.

Available colour palette depends not only on the material itself, but it is also based on the offer of a specific profile manufacturer as well as a window model. To show you the potentials, an example of a colour palette for windows on Veka 82 profiles is shown.

  • agate and grey

  • brushed aluminium

  • silver brushed aluminium

  • anthracite and ultramarine

  • basaltic grey

  • smooth basaltic grey

  • white

  • ultramarine white

  • claret-coloured

  • brown

  • diamond blue

  • dark grey

  • dark grey silk

  • dark green

  • dark green ultramatt

  • black and brown

  • red and brown

  • marsh oak

  • rustic oak

  • light sheffield oak

  • Douglas fir

  • shaded Douglas fir

  • navy blue

  • graphite and black ultramarine

  • navy ultramarine

  • light grey

  • light oak

  • carmine red

  • cobalt blue

  • ivory

  • cream white

  • quartz grey

  • slate grey

  • smooth slate grey

  • mahogany

  • macore

  • milk-white ultramatt

  • monumental blue

  • blue and green

  • oregon

  • walnut

  • rosewood

  • papyrus white

  • platinum crown

  • platinum earl

  • platinum quartz

  • platinum grey ultramat

  • ruby red

  • hogun-ac

  • shogun-ad

  • shogun-af

  • sienna

  • sienna-pn

  • mountain pine

  • silver grey

  • smooth silver grey

  • emerald green

  • ultramarine blue

  • umbra-ultramarine

  • winchester

  • green

  • green monumental ultramat

  • monumental green

  • golden oak

  • yellow


Aluminium windows are becoming more and more popular, especially among single-family house owners.  These are extremely durable and very modern constructions.  Manufacturers of aluminium profiles also add a growing number of colour solutions to their offer.  We can choose from powder-coated metallic shades (obtained through anodizing).

Colour of the core also matters

Of course, the first thing that strikes us is the colour of inner and outer frame, but let us not forget that there is still the centre, it means the core.  It is invisible when a window is closed; however once it is open, it becomes an important element of the window immediately. The most common core of the window is white, but it does not look good as part of all configurations.  

Source of graphics:

Brown or anthracite cores are an alternative as these blend well with darker colours of frames. The anthracite core resembles an aluminium construction and is therefore a modern alternative to white.
Apart from colour of a frame and a core, aesthetics of the window is also determined by colour of gaskets on the pane; we can choose from amongst e.g. caramel, anthracite or grey shades.

Fashionable window colours - 2020-2021 trends

Dark-coloured elegance

In the coming seasons, architects will be willing to rely on timeless and elegant black and dark greys. The trend towards black, which appeared already in 2019, will be successfully continued.  Black is above all minimalism, chic and modernity. It is no doubt that windows in this shade perfectly match numerous interior decorations. The simple form and dark frame of a window makes such frames work well in both modern and more traditional buildings. Black is a very brave solution and not for everyone.

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Modern anthracite and aluminium

Shades of grey make a fashionable alternative to modern homes. One of the most popular shades of window joinery in the world is anthracite. This shade of frames accentuates the elegant style of buildings. Anthracite contrasts perfectly with light façades or colours of internal walls.  The novelty, on the other hand, will be profiles with ultra-matt colours and silky smooth structure.

Anthracite, aluminium and other shades of grey also combine well with wood.  Deciding on full woodwork in one tone will give a consistent and modern look.

Classic white

White is a timeless colour with no doubt. It definitely reigned until 2-3 decades ago. In the last few years, white has lost to colourful veneers.  Now it is back, but as part of a slightly changed design. Nowadays, white windows with a much thinner frame and larger glazed surfaces are becoming popular. White windows add freshness and blend well with both light and dark façades such as brick or wood.

Nature and wood

In the coming seasons, wood-veneered windows can also gain a lot of interest.  Dark shades such as walnut, mahogany or swamp oak are particularly popular in this group.  Wooden-like window veneers are in line with the trend of returning to nature.  Wood-shaded frames are perfect for traditional buildings with light façades.  They can also complement modern constructions with wooden façades.  

In more traditional buildings, the shade of "Winchester" as well as "Light Sheffield Oak" will dominate, i.e. wood patterns with clearly defined rings.  In the coming seasons it will replace "golden oak", very popular but slightly outdated colour.

Source: 1. Okleina Winchester 2. Dąb Sheffield jasny

Source of graphics: