AM Okna created a style of products based on the most common client requirements, which you can see below.

Ideal 7000 „Powerdur inside” is an innovative technology of PVC profiles with special thermoplastic inserts made with glass fiber reinforced Ultradur® High Speed. These inserts successfully replace steel used in conventional PVC window frames, to provide an even better thermal insulation properties at the same mechanical properties of the window.


SilenceCity is a solution with specific parameters of soundproofing. This product with thermal insulation is damping sound waves of disruptive frequency characteristic of traffic noises. The solution is proposed to the houses which are near busy streets.

Glazing: 33.1 SI XN/SWS/4/SWS/4 XN Ug= 0,5-0,6 W/(m2k)


SafeKids is a solution with ESG (Toughened glass), which ensures a high strength in the case of soft body impact and in the case of breakdown it will break into small pieces. We prepared a package of this product with increased strength and providing protection against injuries.

Glazing: ESG 4 XN/18/4/18/ESG 4 XN


EcoTerm is a solution with very good insulation value and it is proposed for energy efficient buildings, especially for north-facing windows. This side is the least sunlit part of the building and therefor it is also the most exposed to hypothermia.

Glazing: 4 XN/SWS/4/SWS/4 ONE Ug= 0,5-0,6 W/(m2k)


EcoSun is a perfect solution with a new generation of glass using the advanced low-E coating, to retain heat inside the room and get more free energy inside your house. The brightness of the applied glazing also allow you to enjoy the daylight even more.

Glazing: 4 LUX/18 SWS/4/18 SWS/4 LUX Ug= 0,6-0,7 W/(m2k)


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